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About Us:
Robb Sipler                   Deschutes river fly fishing guides and guided trips outfitter for redsides trout and steelhead drift boat fishing oregon coast winter steelhead
....has spent a good portion of the last two decades on the Deschutes River and it's steelhead and trout are the biggest reason why. After 7 years guiding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho from June to August, Robb came back to call the rivers of eastern Oregon both home and office full time. A dry fly nut, Robb often prefers not to fish if it means fishing sub-surface(steelhead can cause him to fish a wet fly). He's not a snob though and has been recently seen drifting a big gob of salmon eggs under a bobber for spring chinook salmon(fly fishermen call bobbers strike indicators for some reason). When not on the Deschutes, Owyhee, or John Day rivers he's probably out exploring the dry side of the Cascade Range close to fish and flowing water. His feet occasionally dry out but it's usually when he's hunting upland birds and big game or guiding Bighorn Sheep or Elk hunters in the Frank Church Wilderness. His remaining time is spent planning for, or fishing in tropical locales. Roosterfish and Permit occupy unduly large portions of Robb's attention when steelhead aren't around. Oh yeah, his last "real" job was as a chef, and he loves to cook.

Drake Radditz              Deschutes river fly fishing guides and guided trips outfitter for redsides trout and steelhead drift boat fishing oregon coast winter steelhead
Although his waders may be permanently stained red from egg goop, don't let that fool you. Drake can chuck flies just as well as he can dunk bait but, he spends most of his time on the water behind the oars rowing his guts out keeping you on the fish. Drake has been fishing the Big D since he was just old enough to walk and rowing a drift boat through White Horse Rapid soon after. A boatman through and through, he has logged thousands of miles on most Oregon and Idaho's Wild and Scenic Rivers.
When not on the Deschutes he can or cant be found on Idaho's Middle Fork Salmon River running multi day trips through the largest Wilderness Area in the lower 48 states. Or he might also be at home on the Oregon Coast chasing chrome bright Salmon and Steelhead just out of the salt. His laugh is contagious so if you get the chance to spend the day in his boat, come prepared to have a good time. You will not be disappointed. Drake is a professional guide with years of experience, he has the patience to teach beginning anglers and the energy and drive to accelerate the most advanced.

Stream Flows
  • Flow (cfs): 4930
    Temperature (°F): 46.58
  • Flow (cfs): 5840
    Temperature (°F): 43.34
  • Flow (cfs): 345
  • Flow (cfs): 183
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