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Deschutes Guided trips for steelhead and trout fishing outfitters winter steelhead on oregon's north coast. Deschutes Fishing Guides.
Radditz/Sipler Outfitters

Radditz/Sipler Outfitters is an owner operated guide service created through a partnership between Drake Radditz and Robb Sipler. We have spent decades guiding for other outfitters on the Deschutes River and have decided it's time to do things our way.  We offer single and multi-day guided trips on the Deschutes River, winter steelhead trips on the coast, Owyhee River multi-day floats, and a few other fishing and boating adventures elsewhere in Oregon. While the business is new, we are seasoned, skilled and highly motivated outfitters with a  level of experience most guide services can't match. We take great pride in being highly skilled fishermen, dedicated fishing guides, outstanding boatmen, and entertaining hosts.

Why Go Fishing With Radditz/Sipler Outfitters?
While the fishing is the most important part of a guided fishing trip, it's definitely not the only part. Our philosophy at Radditz/Sipler Outfitters is to control the variables we can, including; employing only skilled, personable, knowledgeable, and professional guides, providing outstanding meals to exceed your expectations of river food, and setting a clean and well appointed camp to assure your comfort on the river. As for the fishing, we believe in knowing the waters we guide intimately, and providing attentive and motivated service to maximize success on the water. We also find it rewarding to watch our guests learn and develop skills that we are happy to pass along. A guided day or days on the water should provide not only fish to hand, but great memories and new skills and insight into fish and fishing. We love our "office" and enjoy sharing it with anyone who has the capacity to appreciate this great experience. That's how we roll. Oh yeah, we don't believe in nickel and diming someone to death so we've tried to make this as all-inclusive as possible. Look over the recommended gear list and our short summary of recommended gear and not included Items such as fishing licenses and we'll provide the rest.

Stream Flows
  • Flow (cfs): 4930
    Temperature (°F): 46.58
  • Flow (cfs): 5840
    Temperature (°F): 43.34
  • Flow (cfs): 345
  • Flow (cfs): 183
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