Oregon Coast Winter Steelhead

oregon coast steelhead fishing guides and outfitters guiding the north coast tillamook, trask, nehalem, necanicumwinter steelhead oregon's north coast radditz/sipler outfitters steelhead guidesOregon Coast Winter Fishing:


We guide and fish Oregon's North Coast Rivers from the Tillamook basin north to Astoria on a daily basis, high water or low. With lots of different rivers to choose from, there are usually only a few days each month we do not fish due to high water. When high, muddy water after a big winter storm front demands that we take a day off, we use the down time  to replace and reorganize gear, and maybe even dry out the waders and and rain jacket. We primarily target hatchery fish in December and January,  then focus on wild fish January through April with some hatchery broodstock fish in the mix as well.


Guided fishing trips here are single day floats that cover 5-14 miles of river. Multiple days of fishing can be arranged together and we can recommend local lodging options for most any budget. We try to be on just the right stretch of water on the right river but these shorter floats offer the opportunity to pull anchor, run downriver and be on another float in a short period of time if things aren't happening for us. The myriad of different rivers in close proximity and the short floats give us great flexibility to put you over fish. We run drift boats with propane heaters for most trips although there are a few sections of certain rivers we utilize 14 foot rafts with hard floors instead. All fishing gear is provided, whether you want to fly fish or use conventional gear.


Winter Steelhead:


   These chrome winter rockets start to show on the tail end of the first big storm around late November/early December and continue arriving with each subsequent high water event. Steelhead are often less moody than salmon and when we find them, we can usually get them to bite. Being aggressive fish, a wide variety of techniques are productive. Swung or dead drifted flies, spoons, spinners, corkies and/or yarn, jigs, plugs and bait all work well under the right conditions. These steelhead run from the 5-6 pound hatchery brats of early season to the 20-plus pound natives of March and April.


Spring Chinook:


  We have a few places to go in April and May for wade fishing trips. The best eating of all freshwater fish(just our humble opinion, not scientific fact), Springers run 8-20 pounds on average and are caught on flies and spoons or spinners under perfect conditions, but bait is generally the most productive method. In April and May, if we have days off, we are usually out fishing for Springers so that we don't have to serve inferior fish to our guests on our Deschutes multi-day trips. It's tough work, but someone has to do it…







One boat trip: $400 Per boat / Per day (1 or 2 Anglers per boat)


Includes: Professional guide, rods, reels, terminal gear, flies/lures, bait, snacks, and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages.


Does NOT include: Oregon fishing license, Harvest tag - Steelhead/Salmon, adult beverages and guide gratuity(usually 15-20% of trip cost).




What to expect:


We will arrange a meeting time and place appropriate for the river/float we will be doing. We will typically use your vehicle for the shuttle on most float trips leaving it at the take-out prior to launching the boat. After a brief safety talk and general orientation we will then head down to the boat and get to the business at hand; fishing. 8 hours on the water is a normal day, but if it's red-hot, don't worry. We won't pull the plug on you just because it's "quitting time."


The Fine Print:


For advance reservations, a 50% deposit is required to secure dates, refundable if cancellation is received no less than sixty (60) days prior to trip date. Trips go out unless weather and/or water conditions make success unlikely. We reserve the right to cancel in the event of unsafe conditions or other circumstances beyond our control. If your trip is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our immediate control, your deposit will be refunded or applied to a future date that is mutually acceptable. Keep in mind that conditions are highly variable and if you would like to have the best chance of success, flexible dates and the ability to come fishing with us on short notice improves your odds tremendously. If you place a deposit with flexible dates, we would be happy to call you when things are looking exceptional to see if you can make it down for a guided day with us.



Gear List:


One change of warm, dry clothes(in vehicle for end of the trip)

Fleece Jacket and/or windbreaker

Good Gore-Tex or PVC coated rain jacket

Boat Bag(for gear, camera, sunscreen, etc.)

Polarized sun glasses

Chest high waders(neoprene or breathable(preferred))

Felt Soled wading boots

Gloves(wool or fleece)


Billed Hat


Oregon fishing license and Steelhead Tag

Cooler w/ ice(in vehicle for end of the trip)

Stream Flows
  • Flow (cfs): 4930
    Temperature (°F): 46.58
  • Flow (cfs): 5840
    Temperature (°F): 43.34
  • Flow (cfs): 345
  • Flow (cfs): 183
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